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comprehensive initial WITNESS statements with minimal resources. Implemented globally, and backed by over a decade of scientific research.

The Self-Administered interview, or SAI© is an investigative tool proven to elicit significantly more comprehensive initial witness statements than a free recall interview

Key Updates

NHS Maurauding Terrorist Incidents

We are currently working with NHS on adapting the Self Administered Interview for marauding terrorist incidents.

SAI used in Aviation Incident

In 2021 a version of the SAI was developed for aviation incident investigations, and used to great effect following a….

College of Policing endorse SAI

In 2019, the College of Policing released new Authorised Professional Practice (APP) guidelines for frontline police officers on obtaining initial accounts from eyewitnesses, that includes a strategic recommendation that "Interview advisers should consider use of the Self-Administered Interview in single incidents involving high numbers of witnesses”.

The SAI provides a means for obtaining high quality evidence from witnesses at the scene of an incident, or shortly afterwards, with minimal drain on resources.

It was originally developed to address the serious challenge faced by investigators when an incident occurs for which there are numerous eyewitnesses. Any of these witnesses may hold information that will provide both critical leads for the investigation or compelling evidence in a trial. However, investigators do not always have the resources in terms of time, expertise, or personnel to conduct detailed interviews with many witnesses shortly after an incident.

The Self Administered Interview takes the form of a standardised protocol of clear instructions, retrieval facilitation techniques, and open questions that guide witnesses through the process of producing their own statement without the need for a trained interviewer to be present. It protects a witness’s memory against forgetting and exposure to post-event information

The SAI also enables investigators to ‘prioritise’ key witnesses for follow-up interview, saving both time and resources.

Significantly more accurate and detailed information than a free-recall

Protect against forgetting and post-event information

Effectively prioritise witnesses with minimal resources

Developed in collaboration with police forces worldwide

Developed, tested and refined over a decade

The Self Administered Interview is the culmination of over ten years of research and refinement by some of the worlds leading academic experts in memory and forensic psychology. It is currently the subject of XX papers in XX journals, and is cited as most downloaded paper in XX journal.

Used by Police forces and investigators globally

The SAI is a proven and trusted tool used by Police Forces around the world. Collaborative, long term field trials has led to the implementation of the Self Administered Interview as a  force form in XX forces, and is now a XXXXX WHAT IS THE MET TERM “Standard form??!?!” with the Metropolitan Police, UK.

Where should the SAI be used

Police & Law Enforcement

Secure detail rich, witness statements with minimal resources. Quickly identify key witnesses, and protect memory integrity. Used by Police Forces around the world.

Medical Incidents

Cut through the chaos at high stress incidents and secure incident details and eyewitness memory at the scene during large crowd gatherings or terrorist events.

Workplace Incidents

Reporting vital information about workplace accidents and incidents is easy with SAW-IT - the industrial version of the Self Administered Interview.

Missing Persons Incidents

Elicit detail heavy statements about a missing person during the critical 72hr period, or use a proven method to extract rich detail after extended periods. SAI-Missing has been developed with Locate International.

Road Traffic Incidents

Memory is vulnerable during high stress incidents. The SAI-RTC helps elicit and protect eyewitness memory, and provide investigators with significantly more detail than a conventional interview.

Aviation & Marine Incidents

High value, high casualty incidents, often in remote locations, create a number of challenges for investigators. The SAI is proven to elicit significantly more detail than a cognitive interview.

The SAI is a valuable asset to investigators and is fully endorsed by the College of Policing.

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Who uses the SAI