Serious road traffic incident – Greater Manchester Police

The witnessed incident involved a serious road traffic incident. Three young males were (illegally) riding an off-road motorbike down a busy city street. The motorbike collided with a car at approximately 60 miles per hour. The motorbike rider and passengers were thrown from the motorbike into the path of an oncoming bus following the initial collision with the car. One of the males was killed while both other riders were seriously injured (although reports suggest that one of the injured riders attempted to abscond from the scene after the collision). Two police investigators responded to the incident and identified 16 witnesses to the collision. Eight of these witnesses were prioritized as key witnesses at the scene and were interviewed by police shortly after the incident. The remaining eight witnesses were issued with an SAI©. The completed SAI© booklets were redacted to preserve witness confidentiality and then submitted to the research team.

Seven out of eight witnesses submitted a completed SAI© detailing their account of the incident. The investigating officers in this case evaluated the impact of the information obtained using the SAI© and concluded that the accounts provided were comprehensive and detailed, containing useful information for legally proving the case against the defendants, and establishing the charge as a joint venture. Furthermore, using the SAI© permitted them to identify three further key witnesses who provided formal statements containing important information concerning actions leading up to the incident.

Trials at Greater Manchester Police have now concluded. An official training package has been developed to educate officers about the SAI©. This package includes information about the psychological principles underpinning the tool in addition to operational and logistical information concerning its use. The SAI© has been adopted as an official force form.

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